What are Lab-Grown Diamonds? & Are they real diamonds?

Lab-grown or lab-created diamonds are real diamonds, they are made of the same chemical
properties (mainly carbon.) The difference here is the origin of the diamond. Most diamond
wearers prefer to know the story of their diamond. Unfortunately, many naturally mined
diamonds come from conflicted regions and are referred to as “blood diamonds” or “conflict
diamonds.” The region where these diamonds are found are typically in a war zone and/or
controlled by forces opposed to the legitimate internationally recognized governments.

Did you know mine workers must process more than a ton of rock to recover roughly half a
carat(0.5ct)? While mined diamonds can have a substantial impact due to square footage of
land and the massive amounts of fossil fuel used, lab growns cause little to no environmental

Lab grown diamonds are on average 40% cheaper and definitely provide you with the same
sparkle and glamour of a mined diamond. With the control and technology available today, lab
growns have fewer defects and show fewer signs of strain in their crystal structure. With a
higher emphasis on quality and value, your lab grown diamond is graded with the same grading
scale as a mined diamond: Using the 4C’s — Carat, Color, Clarity, & Cut!

Our goal with SONU is to provide environmentally friendly, improved quality, and affordable

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